“Your Life, Your Choice” Transplant Stories Booklet Released


The ESRD NCC is pleased to announce the national release of “Your Life, Your Choice: Stories from Kidney Transplant Patients and Donors”, a new resource added online to the “Navigating Your ESRD Journey” portion of the ESRD NCC website (www.esrdncc.org).

Produced in collaboration with ESRD Networks 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 15, and 17, who worked on the AIM 2 innovation project targeting increased transplant referral rates, this booklet contains the stories of real kidney transplant recipients and donors in their own words. It was created to inspire hope for ESRD patients, their family members, and care partners, and to encourage ESRD patients to explore all treatment modalities, including kidney transplant.

The booklet is available on the ESRD NCC website under the “Patients” tab, and may be downloaded in PDF format or linked to here. Please share this valuable patient-centered resource with both your patient and provider communities through your newsletters, website, social media, outreach campaigns and Patient Advisory Committee. Hearing other patients talk about their experiences can reassure and comfort patients about their own experiences, motivating them to be informed and engaged, and to actively participate in their care.

The NCC would like to express appreciation to the AIM 2 Collaborative Networks for bringing this project to life and the patients and donors who graciously shared their stories. We look forward to future opportunities to collaborate with the ESRD Network community to help bring forth their valuable work at a national level.