Fistula First Catheter Last – Professionals

Image of the Fistula First Catheter Last logoThe Fistula First Catheter Last Workgroup Coalition is comprised of patients, representatives from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the ESRD Networks, the renal community and other stakeholders. It focuses on increasing the use of AV fistulas while decreasing the use of tunneled dialysis catheters as long-term vascular accesses for dialysis, toward CMS’s goal of 68% prevalent AVF in all ESRD Networks. The work of the Fistula First Catheter Last Workgroup Coalition is focused on supporting the renal community, the ESRD Networks, patients, and CMS in efforts to improve vascular access outcomes to:

  • Improve patients’ experience of care
  • Improve outcomes for the ESRD population
  • Decrease the per-capita cost of care.

Image of a Ferrari's dashboard.Fistula First Catheter Last (FFCL) Dashboard

The FFCL Dashboard is produced from data collected from the CROWNWeb application. Once clinical periods are closed, data from these periods are incorporated into the Dashboard. Counts, rates and definitions have been established based on CMS-approved guidelines.