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FFCL Vision

The Fistula First Catheter Last (FFCL) is a coalition of vascular access experts and stakeholders who are committed to the development and implementation of sustainable system changes that support arteriovenous (AV) fistula placement in suitable hemodialysis patients, while reducing central venous catheter use.

FFCL Mission Statement

The Fistula First mission is to improve the survival and quality of life of hemodialysis patients by optimizing vascular access selection – which for most patients will be an AV fistula – to lower infection, hospitalization and mortality rates while preserving vital Medicare resources.

Principles for Change

AV Fistula First aims to build on prior work, and has taken advantage of system-level diagnosis and strategies for improvement.
The following list summarizes the key principles that governed the development of “change strategies” for the project:

  • Core strategies and tools that address the fundamental “failure” points in the system that can be adopted easily.
  • Focus on “spreading” successful ideas on a Network and national scale.
  • Collaboration – among patients, Networks, providers and key healthcare professionals.
  • Leveraging of resources, including Network QI resources and other relevant sources of expertise and support from the FFCL Coalition membership.
  • Minimizing burden on dialysis facilities and practitioners
  • Mission Statements and Activities of the FFCL Coalition

FFCL Coalition