Fistula First Catheter Last – FFCL

Image of the Fistula First Catheter Last logoThe Fistula First Catheter Last Workgroup Coalition focuses on increasing the use of AV fistulas and decreasing the use of tunneled dialysis catheters.

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A healthy vascular access is very important to have successful dialysis treatments.

Get access to resources that enable you to find any potential problems and get the help you need to save your lifeline.

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Full access to a series of educational videos and presentations for surgeons and other professionals.

*These videos contain graphic surgical techniques.

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The work of the Fistula First Catheter Last Workgroup Coalition is focused on supporting the renal community, the ESRD Networks, patients, and the CMS in efforts to improve vascular access outcomes.

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For patients on dialysis, your vascular access is your Lifeline for a Lifetime.  Resources to help you plan for your access, check it to make sure it’s healthy, and more.